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All staff at The Dental Club is educated in the highest standard of infection control policies and procedures. All procedures are carried out in accordance with current infection control guidelines, Queensland Department of Health Regulations and Australian and NZ Standards for maintaining infection control.

All instruments are disinfected and sterilized after use. We use the Biosonic cleaner, Lisa 500 Autoclave and the Assistina to make sure that our instruments are sterile. A functional test is performed on all the equipment daily to ensure sterilization is optimum.

A-dec is for dentists who wish to achieve the ultimate in style, ergonomic efficiency and perform the very latest in hi-tech dentistry while enhancing the patient experience.

A-dec 500 is designed with-out compromise. It is the pinnacle of stylish, contemporary design without compromising on the practical needs of you and your team, or those of your patient for comfort and security.

1. Benefits for the Dentist

The ultra slim back and headrest gives you and your nurse a lot of leg room so that the right posture can be adopted for more comfortable working.

The control head can house all the required instrumentation and integrate hardware from different manufacturers often without modification.

The deluxe touchpad has functions to operate the chair, dental light, cuspidor, handpieces and a range of other devices. It also has the capability to be programmed for two operators.

Equipment surrounding the A-dec 500 Chair comes in a wide range of choices so you can configure it to meet your needs with no compromise on efficiency and ergonomics.

  • Traditional or continental delivery systems
  • Switching between left and right handed dentistry is easy with A-dec 500
  • Option of cabinet mounted side delivery providing discreet parking when not in use

2. Patient Comfort

The backrest and seat cushion has been designed for outstanding comfort using the science of pressure-mapping.

Chair movement is synchronised with the anatomy and motion of the patient so he or she does not have to continually re-adjust when the chair and seat is in motion.

The BioSonic Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit 125 delivers a variety of customized options for the dental practice. The time of the cleaning cycle can be selected individually. Additionally, a countdown timer is available to inform the user of the amount of cleaning time remaining, and indicate exactly when the instruments will be ready for sterilization. This new cleaning unit is also equipped with a solution tracking function to inform the user how long the solution has been in use, so that mandatory changing of the cleaning solution will not be forgotten. With a simple touch of a button, degassing of the solution, i.e. air entrapments which hinder the cleaning process, will disappear. Note that degassing is required every time a new solution is added.

A comprehensive range of accessories and BioSonic cleaning solutions provide the user with flexibility to efficiently clean and disinfect instruments, prostheses and other items throughout the dental practice.

The Lisa sterilizer features unique made-to-measure automatic type B cycles as well as an integrated traceability system with user identification and load release option.

Furthermore, the Lisa sterilizer has an extremely user-friendly touch screen and its Air Detection System offers automatic cycle validation for extra safety in infection prevention.

Lisa's integrated on-board computer automatically manages the whole traceability procedure.

The main advantage: There is no need for an additional computer or special software.

A wide range of accessories is also available for the Lisa sterilizer so as to facilitate the sterilisation procedure.

With the programmable delayed cycle start you save time and energy costs. Made-to-measure automatic cycles reduces the cycle time according to the number and type of items to be sterilized.

The integrated memory card with USB reader archives the sterilization and test cycle reports. The Lisa sterilizer has an integrated and automatic traceability system with user identification and load release option. The double micro-processor technology manages the integrated traceability software which guarantees the speed and efficiency of the sterilization cycles.

The patented water separation and filtering system prevents the penetration of oil residues and other impurities in the vacuum pump. Through the automatic Air Detection System the automatic cycle performance is ensured and the result is an addionally extra safety infection prevention.

Automatic instrument maintenance procedures provide distinct advantages for correct cleaning and lubrication as well as perfect function and long working life of dental instruments.

It is simple, safe and cost-reducing.

Assistina, the air-driven maintenance unit for:

  • straight and contra-angle handpieces
  • turbines
  • air motors
  • air-driven scalers

from all major manufacturers.

BioHorizons uses science and innovation to create unique dental implant products with proven esthetic results. Our implants are lightweight, strong, biocompatible and made from titanium, the most widely used material in implant dentistry. Our dental implants carry a lifetime warranty and are clinically proven by some of the most thorough and in-depth research in the industry.

3M ESPE's MDI mini dental implant system is minimally invasive and immediately stabilizes loose dentures using a 90-minute patented protocol, often completed without a flap and sometimes even using the patient's existing denture.

MDI mini dental implants are designed for stability in soft and dense bone which is essential for immediate loading. Attachment designs are available for custom retention for each case with three retention options as well as attachment designs that forgive up to 30 degrees divergence between two implants with no need for an angle correction inventory. Original retention can be restored in minutes by simply changing o-rings.

Oral surgery has long been performed with traditional equipment because oral tissue presents good healing potential (apart from certain systemic risk factors) and an absence of vital risk. However, it does have its drawbacks such as difficulty to access the operating site, heavy fatigue for the practitioner and post-op trauma for the patient. At the present time, dental surgeons have two types of instrument available to them to perform oral surgery:

  • Manual instruments
  • Motorized instruments
  • with rotary movement
  • with sonic or ultrasonic vibrations.

SATELEC piezoelectric generators (PIEZOTOME / PIEZOTOME SOLO (LED) / PIEZOTOME 2 / IMPLANT CENTER 2) belong to the second category of motorized instruments with ultrasonic vibrations employing a piezoelectric transducer. They were designed with the objective to respond to the drawbacks encountered with traditional instruments and give access to such delicate operations as osteotomies, osteoplasties, ridge expansions, syndesmotomies, and sinus lift. Until the early 90s, certain general practitioners were dissuaded from attempting implantology procedures by the risk of bone loss. Thanks to the latest technological developments, it is possible to offer patients a credible alternative. SATELEC ultrasonic power generators offer comfort, safety and precision to the practitioner during delicate operations.

Implantmed gives you the ability to perform oral surgical procedures in the fields of implantology and maxillo-facial surgery with maximum precision. Implantmed excels by virtue of its ease of operation, powerful motor and automatic thread cutter function. The logically designed operating concept ensures all programs can be set up easily, by pressing the buttons on the unit or by operating the foot control.

Standards in endodontics by bringing simplicity, safety and efficiency to the root canal shaping procedure.

When you're obturating a root canal system, you want to ensure the fill is accomplished predictably, efficiently and accurately. The newly designed Elements Obturation Unit incorporates advanced technologies involving software, metallurgy, electronics and industrial design with the best elements of System B and a patent-pending motorized extruder. From down-pack to backfill, from filling lateral canals to creating post spaces, the Elements Obturation System puts the Continuous Wave of Condensation technique in one simple-to-operate device. Enjoy consistent, reliable results when blocking a root canal system with an obturation unit that takes up only 1/3 the space of two separate machines.